“What if I’m wrong?” the Right asked to herself.

“What if my yesses were really just nos and all my aboves were really belows?”

“What if my shoulds were supposed to be shouldnts; my woulds that were meant to be wouldnts.”

“For sometimes I did and it should have been didnt; the times I said could but really meant couldnt.”

“Surely my surelys were really a maybe; often I knew my cans were actually cant bes.”

“And what if my guesses were really just messes; asking for mores that turned into lesses.”

“When I saw the truth of it all and thought I was clever; mistakenly thinking forevers were nevers.”

She took a long breath, the world found its way in

to the place deep inside where her asks stewed within.

And looking for doubt she found only love

with no what-ifs that measured her worth up above.

She saw that her wrongs were really her guide

not moments ensuring her dreams stayed denied.

“What if I’m wrong?” the Right asked once again. Her heart grew once more, overcoming the din

That failed to see the power of might;

With Love there’s no difference in what’s wrong and what’s Right.