2020 was a difficult year and was also a turning point year in accelerating world change towards accelerating new technologies. Where many things have changed as has been said in these articles:

So in 2021–2022 is the year of adjustment of human life to the accelerated process of world change with the acceleration of technology. One of the things that are felt is the changing patterns of technology use in human life, one of which is financial technology, investment, shopping, payments, and conducting online meetings.

This may still be a bit difficult and uncomfortable in the middle of 2020, especially when things that are not considered disrespectful are normal and even become the main requirement for everyone. This makes people increasingly accelerate the race to keep up with the acceleration and adapt to changing world with existing technology.

One of the issues for some countries and even people today is how to create a technology that can help everyone and can be used comprehensively in all sectors of life and energy that make it work. If we look at the existing technology, several existing technologies are capable of doing this.

One of the things we hear most often is the word Green Energy which is a new and renewable energy that has extraordinary and unlimited energy. And if we look at this, several ways can be used with existing technology, one of which is by using or utilizing solar cells, water treatment, plant ecology, gas pipes, and so on.

But often it is plagued by various problems because there is no automatic supervision and control that can do this. So in the acceleration of technology that is happening at this time, the “Techno Home” must be created by utilizing the “Green Energy” that exists today.

Green Energy

“Green Energy” is one of the new ecosystems in this modern world order where all energy is created from all things that can be renewed again and will not be lost, even into infinity.

In today’s world, an energy that leads to infinite energy is indeed being developed. one of the ongoing uses is biofuel using CPO / palm oil which is widely grown in developing countries and some existing equipment as green energy, namely the “solar cell” which is used for solar power generation and “kinetic energy” which is used for wind and water power plants

But this still cannot cover the main role of coal and fossil oil which are very popular and very easy to use because they have been used for centuries. On the other hand, coal and oil commodities have an important role in stabilizing the existing economy. This is very difficult to get rid of or make it non-existent.

the role of “Green Energy” today is how to embrace all the energy that has been available to date and save that energy with materials or things that can be converted into electric or kinetic engines. Where the conversion we often call Hybrid combines 2 ways of entering energy (Green Energy and fossil energy). into a machine or vehicle so that it can move and run according to the function and purpose of the tool.

If we look at a growing sector as it is today, housing should be the first pilot project for green energy. Why? Because from the housing you can feel how the function and role of this green energy for daily needs. And housing is a land of “green energy” that is the most extensive and can coexist with humans.

This is evidenced by the small scale where the upper-class people especially use solar cells for hot water and the use of electricity for daily use. With proof on a small scale, it should be able to be made also for a large scale. Where is housing with the concept of Green energy?

But the next problem is the maintenance and maintenance of these tools, if you look at the existing problems, one of them is human negligence in the use of electronic goods that are closely related to green energy. but this can be minimized periodically with the existence of “Techno Home” which can guide, remind and carry out maintenance and periodically upgrade several functions of green energy equipment with the help of artificial intelligence.

Techno Home

Techno Home is a term used by some people to describe or describe a future house (future house) that has many smart electronic circuits and can help humans carry out all activities.

Usually, almost all rooms in Techno Home are based on a cloud system because the life in it is combined with smart features that can be connected to various devices based on artificial intelligence / smart electronics using the IoT system.

This is well proven by how all the care in the house can be carried out automatically and if it is controlled, it can use the smartphone in the owner’s hand. This also becomes the basis for how a Techno Home can develop and collaborate on green energy.

This is indeed a bit hard to imagine, let’s look at it as an example. For example, you can see from inside a normal house that there is a stationary bicycle for sports only. Meanwhile, in Techno Home, static bicycles have various functions which should be an initial detection of the body’s condition, electricity generators, physical data and sports activities, and so on. But if planned with green energy, then the stationary bike can turn into a small generator to produce green energy.

Not to mention talking about the flow of air which is seen as a means of refreshing / in the house for example a small waterfall in a fish pond can be a small power plant that helps create green energy and a place for air circulation for plants and the ecosystem as a whole.

Can we imagine if the statistical bicycle is only a manual static bicycle, will it be given that it is big enough? If the small waterfall in the pool is only for air circulation, does it have a big impact?

So nowadays this IoT system has a role that is very much needed by humans. And if there is no small system, this will be detrimental because everything has to be done manually by humans. So that in the calculation of current investment and technological advances, it is very disadvantageous which will take time, effort, space, and costs without the energy produced.

IoT System

With the IoT system, it is very helpful to collect information, carry out maintenance, notify if there is damage, and save power like a personal assistant. Where the IoT system is designed to help all human activities make it easier and can do all work from a considerable distance.

Techno Home with a little more complex mechanical system will produce purity of green energy which is very sustainable and has the potential to create unlimited energy. Where unlimited energy will come out of human behavior that is always moving, which is captured and converted into energy, especially electrical energy.


If we talk about the advantages of using green energy, then we will talk about the energy that will not run out and the energy that is the main force in carrying out activities that 80% already use or depend on electrical energy. even with green energy and techno home, it will make electricity cheaper and have a polluting impact on the environment.

this affects not only one sector, but all life will change. Even if coupled with the game psychology program in IoT, it will bring impacts and a new ecosystem that is good for the environment and allows it to become a new, more modern work of life.

With Techno Home, all human routines will be read and assisted by technology to find statistical movements that will have an impact on the development of the energy source itself. And humans will help the technology to realize the intended device so that energy can be obtained, for example, solar cells, wind chargers, kinetic electricity, and the like.


If there is an advantage, there must also be a drawback. where the Green energy and Techno Home sectors are still experiencing obstacles in terms of procurement of goods/investment. From the calculation of the procurement of goods carried out independently, it is found that a simple house costs money that can only be purchased by upper-class citizens. This is triggered by the high price of solar panels, quite expensive kinetic assembly prices, and many more

And if you look at the prices that have been stated, it is very difficult for green energy and techno home to materialize. so it needs the role and support of all parties for extraordinary development in the field of materials and the field of application of existing systems.


From the things described, we can see the tremendous potential of this project, and indeed the obstacles that exist to date are the investment costs that existed at the beginning of the construction and initial installation. This resulted in the project failing many times and no one even glanced at this solution. Only a few people use this stuff for very small purposes. Even when there is someone who makes this solar garden, it doesn’t respond well enough

So on this occasion, we are eager to make green energy and techno home based on clusters, where all 85% of the houses use green energy materials based on kinetic and solar cells. This indeed requires a lot of support from several companies as well as investors who are able and willing to try this basic thing.

Because after being proven by theory and calculation, it was initially a very large investment, but with the capabilities and things that Techno Home can do, everything will pay off and become even more profitable. This is because 65% of the electricity used comes from routine human work and all the electricity income earned will reduce the electricity load used.

It even occurred to us that we would create 2 Techno Home start-up rooms based on the Custer itself and booking a fitness lounge connected to several ID-based IoTs could help residents to enthusiastically generate extraordinary green energy for the region and themselves.


If we think about where will the funding for this project come from and if it is used as a cluster, who will buy the cluster? In our opinion, to finance this project, we will collaborate with several large vendors and developers who care about green energy for a better world. One of the vendors that are needed is a developer, network company, technology equipment company, health company, and many more.

And if based on our calculations, making Green Energy and Tecno home requires a lot of tools and a lot of investment costs, including:

Solar Panel

with a land area of 1 hectare, it is possible to make as many as 60- 65 houses of type 40 m². With the need for 12 panels to get a capacity of 3 kWp. The area of each panel is 1.7 square meters, so you need a roof of 12x1.7 = 20.4 square meters that is not blocked by shadows of trees or buildings throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. So that it requires 1 hectare of land to produce approximately 4000 watts per day.

The cost that must be incurred is 780 panels (an estimate of 65 houses and one house requires 12 panels) and the price of one panel is estimated at 9 million — 13 million rupiah. So the initial investment in the house is about 11 billion outside the home and excluding other expenses.

And if from PLN the price is Rp.1,467 (compass data, 2018), then the value of 11 billion can be BEP by itself in the range of 6 years with an estimate outside the use of other electricity. But with the age of a solar cell that is over 10 years old, the vendor’s investment will indirectly be profitable.

Wind Catcher

Given the area of land and buildings above, the next step is to make a wind catcher that functions as modified kinetic propulsion and will capture very small wind movements so that it can move to catch the wind that is outside the house or that will enter the house. With the estimated type taken 100A x 24V = 2400W / hour

Costs incurred for the price range in 5 million rupiahs, with an estimate of one house requiring a capacity of 3 pieces, so the price of 1 house is estimated at 15 million rupiahs, so the initial investment that must be spent is around 1 billion apart from other costs.

And if from PLN the price is IDR 1,467 (compass data, 2018), then the value of 1 billion can be BEP by itself in the range of 1 year with an estimate outside the use of other electricity. But with the age of the windcatcher above 5–6 years, the vendor’s investment will indirectly benefit.

GYM Kinetic

When we talk about green energy, then we don’t forget that we will talk about health which is very useful and has other benefits. Where actually from sports equipment used by humans, it can produce kinetic energy that produces the electrical energy that can be reused by humans.

But often people do not realize and don’t like to do this, but with the addition of a little game/loyalty, psychology can make people live healthily and generate electrical energy from what they do. However, for this program, it is necessary to consider several experts and to consider the conditions of each person in using supporting tools.

Virtual Assistant

After we discuss the main technology of Green energy, we must also pay attention to the Techno home which is based on the IoT System which we often call a virtual assistant. Where the function of this virtual assistant has an important role to keep every process carried out by all major technologies can be properly recorded, perform simple maintenance and notify engineers or interested people if a problem occurs in the main technological process.

With the IoT system, it will indirectly change people’s lifestyles to switch to a more secure security system based on virtual assistants. Where all smart system-based devices will be connected to a smartphone that can be known about the condition of the device and controlled remotely.

Even for the cost, for now, it is very relative depending on the usability and how functional the virtual assistant is. But the development of this virtual assistant is very necessary and important for its continuity so that the financing of this will continue to grow and will adjust everything.


Of all the things that we have discussed above, it is a small part of the business plan of a series of business plans that should make a country have extraordinary unlimited power based on green energy. And if this is applied to a larger scope and the more multinational companies that join even from abroad, it will make this program more concise with very excessive benefits.

Even if it is seen from the amount of investment it looks very large, the existence of cooperation between several companies and mutual collaboration between one another will make things even easier. This can also be realized with a more thorough and developed repair detail,

The calculation is still very raw because it is very far from land prices, location, and other factors that greatly affect the calculation of a place. But indeed if this proposal is going to be implemented, we can start with a discussion about it in depth. Of course, in the calculation, there must be data on the value of utilization and the value of the assembly and maintenance of the existing tools. To get maximum results and implementation and have a higher value than the general function.


We hope that we can help to realize it in a company/institution under one of the vendors so that it can continue to be developed even more and can be run as a whole. To produce maximum results for the use of the wider community.

We hope that we can work together to do this big thing because, with cheap and reliable electricity, indirectly more and more data on the need for electricity usage will be directly proportional to energy income from green energy and techno home.

Papers as a Business Program Proposal in the PLN ICE (Innovation & Competition in Electric) By Samuel Liputra

CC from https://newsevengenerationsiklan1.blogspot.com/2021/06/idea-4u-development-of-green-energy.html