Filibustering It — The Secret Weapon of the Millburn Public School District
Max Retik

As an alum of Millburn Highschool, I agree with most of the issues outline in this article. However, as a founding member of the robotics club and former debate co-captain (both organizations that as you say bring in awards and accolades) I feel the need to add that the administration isn’t much help with any club, not just ones that they deem “useless.” The only reason we were able to set up shop in the space above the balcony was due to constant lobbying of our teacher for more space and teams from other schools are often surprised at how little space or resources we have. For debate, I recall meetings with the administration where they did little to help with a crisis involving a lack of coaching staff. I suppose the fact that part of the school’s reputation relied on the success of these clubs did help, but in the end, it was still much more difficult to obtain resources than should be.