We never forget the first time

The year 2016 was a year filled with learning, news and challenges. I gave some lectures, I sang, I started college, I read new books. In May / 2016 I launched the agilizei.com blog, in order to share as much of possible experiences. It was my first blog, and it was in him that I wrote my first posts. Seven, to be exact.

And believe me, among other reasons that I had to create a blog, the main one was (and still is) a problem I have in relation to what work, study or things of the genre: My memory. I got to the extreme of learn something in a week, apply a practical, adapt, and one week later no longer had any idea how to work with it.

For example, at the time, I had already driven some retrospective meetings,
of different teams and projects, with different techniques and approaches. Until the day came when I used an approach new to me, using two Japanese expressions (Hansei and Kaizen). Certainly it was one of the best approaches I’ve ever used, because given the context and objectives, any techniques used would have a positive return.

But I knew that if I did not record that approach, that learning and those experiences somehow, would soon forget. So I decided to write about, with post Hansei and Kaizen for hindsight.

However, over time, I began to select too much content that I published on the blog. Unsafe, I spent a lot of time reviewing a publication until it was “ready” to publish.

So, with work and college responsibilities, I changed my priorities and the blog was left aside. Obviously, I had no time for revisions and rewrites. I lost sight of the essence and real motivation for me to write for a personal blog that is to share and record maximum of experiences, errors … And that’s why I’m back.

From today, I will share my experiences and learnings in this blog (samuelborgeslucas.wordpress.com). I hope to follow acquiring and using all learning acquired with the blog Agilizei, and with future experiences inside and outside the blog. If you are interested in topics such as Software Engineering, Software Quality, Agile methodologies, Learning, and by knowing what I am studying currently, you are in the right place. The content of the blog is intended for all
who they are curious, restless, likes innovation and continuous improvement.

Initially, we will have the articles running in parallel, with weekly posts:

  • Quality — Quality and Software Testing, with theory and practical examples
  • Agility — Values, Principles and Methodologies with a vision of everyday life

Eventually, I will also bring some reflection posts and tools that I have used.

  • Reflections — Thoughts, outbursts, ideas and the like.
  • Tools — Tests and use tools guides at work

Portuguese content

I’ll maintain the content of the blog in my personal blog at Wordpress.

I am looking for ways to exercise and learn a little more about the English language in different ways and one of these is writing. Therefore, I will keep the content of the blog in two languages: English and Portuguese.

I am initiating, and I invite you all to enter this learning journey with me, with feedbacks, questions, suggestions and everything else that can lead to conversations, learning and improvement in any aspect.

— Samuel Lucas

Do you have some experience like that? Please, tell me in the comments ☺