Five Simple Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tricks


Many potential pool owners are put off by the notion of maintaining a cool and happening swimming pool due to the pressure of indulging into the taxing procedure of cleaning. Maintaining your pool has now become easier than ever, by employing precautionary maintenance tricks on a per-week interval to keep your pool immaculate and debris free. Here are 5 of our top tricks for easy, problem free pool maintenance:

Take out Leaves and other Debris
The first and the most basic step involved in maintaining a hygienic and clear pool is keeping the water get rid of leaves and other debris. You need to check your pool within 2–3 days to eradicate debris and leaves floating on the surface and bottom of the pool. A long-handled pool net is considered as one of the best tools used as swimming pool algae removal while standing on the deck. On the other hand, use a long brush for the removal of debris lying on the pool bed. At the same time pay a heed to the filter area to check for leaves as they can often block the equipment.

Check the Water Level
The maintenance of water level is imperative in a pool for a proper balance of Pool cleaning chemicals and functioning of the pump, filter, and other equipment. You don’t need to change the water level on a weekly basis but it is needed to be maintained during active swimming times.

Go for appropriate chlorine and pH levels
Proper balance of pool chemicals and minerals make your swimming experience fun. Clear the pool water by using testing kit supplied by your professional cleaners. You need to use adequate amount of chlorine or other sanitizer to your pool frequently as or as suggested by your local pool maintenance professionals. The amount of chlorine solely depends upon the dimensions of your pool, the rotation of the filter, the water temperature, and most importantly how you use your pool.

Scrub the pool edge along the water line and tiles.
With evaporation and flotation, your pool can build up damaging bacteria such as algae, to grow on the pool’s surface. The water line at the pool’s edge can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and algae to multiply. Consistent scrubbing of the area with water line can inhibit the growth of these detrimental bodies.

Shock your pool every fortnight
At regular intervals, you can give your pool a powerful shock treatment. High dose of chemicals restores shimmer to the water and takes out germs and natural contaminants. Shock treatment is not a substitution for a valid, on-going sanitization, (for example, chlorination), however is suggested to make sanitizers more successful. You ought to stun your pool as indicated by the particulars on the item label.

Thus, make use of these swimming pool algae removal tricks to experience debris free pool.

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