It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban
JC Weatherby

On Sundays, the Evangelicals pray to God, on Mondays, they pray on people, hypocrisy at it’s best. To me, all religions are terrorist organizations. From childhood on, you are threatened with damnation, unless you do as you are told. It does not stop until you are deceased. You are terrorized by the picture of the devil and his pitchfork burning you in oil. I wish someone would tell me why the poor souls in hell would fight for the devil in the final battle against God, if the Devil has been torturing them all this time. If one looks at the history of the major religions, they were spread by the sword, not by word. When the ruler adopted a religion, the rest of the country followed. The author is right about the evangelicals wanting a theocracy in this country and with Republicans controlling state, federal legislatures, the presidency and soon the Supreme court, they just might do away with our constitution. Watch the Heritage Foundation. They are working with a plan to achieve just what the author exposes.

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