Growing Africa

A few weeks ago I started a conversation with a number of African friends who like me, live in the diaspora. This conversation revolved around the central question:

Why are so many African Experts living outside the continent, contributing their expertise to the further development of mostly developed States while Africa continues to lag behind?

Its been quite interesting seeing the reactions and hearing the various responses. At the core of the conversation lies deep frustrations with governance, the lack of proper infrastructure, lack of a focused strategy for holistic development and the failure of the people to form a ‘common union’.

Africa is and has always been a victim. A victim of global industrialisation as the world’s leading economies compete against each other using the vast resources of the continent as economic fuel in the race for global influence.

Africa is also a victim of ‘recycled leadership’ with the same old leaders and their non-progressive thoughts and strategies, rotating power amongst themselves. Never giving the younger, and sometimes more objective generations a chance at the helm. Effectively, Africa is stuck in a loop of poor governance and failed strategies.

So how do we GROW Africa?

One of the issues I’ve discovered is that quite a number of Africans both home-based and in the diaspora, have become professional complainers, blaming the successive governments for everything and anything but not really taking individual ownership.

We can never make progress when we are sitting back and complaining about the problems without even thinking of finding solutions. We will never catch-up with the rest of the world if we don’t get innovative, creative and focused on building our communities ourselves. Regardless of what part of Africa you come from, We have to remove ourselves from the place of dependency on our governments and start DOING!

We don’t lack imagination nor creativity as a people, what we do lack is Purpose and Focus. Without these two things, we will never become the competitive powerhouse we are meant to be…