4 Boons For Growing An Indie Consulting Brand

Take this post as the foursquare for consultants. Feel free to come back anytime.

  1. Consulting Fuse

These are 27 solid podcast episodes that take you from Newbee to Seasoned Vet.

The host is super cool dude Tim Conley.

2. Unappers Creative:

If Airbnb allows everyone with a place to act like a bed and breakfast, Unappers allows every consultant with the know how to act like an agency.

They mostly work with Marketing & Branding Consultants, but there are a few sports guys mixedin there as well.

3. Hubspot

An amazing blog that gets you off your ass & an amazing product that basically acts as your sales team.

If you’re trying to keep things lean, you’ll definitely be doing yourself a favor by hitting up these guys.

4. Quora

Got some very specific questions you want answered by people who actually have real world expertise?

Quora’s your best resource. You’ll have CEOs, Top Consultants & your industries A-Listers answering your questions.