Dear Creative Writers

A Deer. A female deer

So it’s 11:20pm right now & I’m in a mellow part of Condesa.
We’re on the fragile electric grids…this whole experience is a 6

Let me start a little earlier

I couldn’t get on my flight to Cambodia. I couldn’t get on my flight to Cambodia 3 weeks ago & That was where my life started falling apart.

So I’m 700$ down & I’m waiting in a bar trying to squeeze a quick AirBnb booking. I have no money

You ever get that feeling like someone poisoned your drink while you were in the bathroom at a bar? Like you woke up from a nap with a syringe scare and a 3 week headache? Or like you’ve just experienced the car accident that you spent a quarter of your life avoid?

That’s how I feel right now.

Doing Chai and Turkish wraps while a broad from San Antonio Texas tries to talk me into spilling food on my new travel sweatpants(These ones are so soft. you could crawl in them)

That was two weeks ago.

Now I’m feeling like the lack of antidote on my scares turned my snake bites into DragonVenom. You know that scene in the Matrix where Neo finally picks the red pill over the blue pill?

This is sorta like that.

Sorta like the minutes after that dude pulled a gun on me after a conference back in my hometown

Sorta like my first beer at California Tailgate party

My Ex-Army friends & broads back in Guadalajara

A Refresher

Wanna know why 6 is afraid of 7? Because 7-8-9

Your first sight of successes got in your way of greatness. Your snake never became a dragon, Dog never became a bear, You never saw the eye of the Tiger.

And… that’s why I’ll be in Jalisco until futher notice. My 8(Love from friends and community), broke through my 7(Making money while I traveled and consulted)

“LA! I’m know to follow Soho”

When you have a long way to go, you need a pulling thread & once you have the pulling thread I say prepare for the LA. The laughter and happiness you never knew you could get back.

So I’ll be in Guadalajara if anybody needs me. I’ll be getting ready for my 9.

Until then…
Here’s Do-Re-Me From The Sound of Music

  • DOE A Deer a Female Deer
  • REY a drop of Golden Sun
  • MI a name I call myself
  • FAH A longer way to run
  • SO I need a pulling thread
  • LA, I’m know to follow SO
  • TI I drink with Jam and bread
  • That would bring us back to DO