On How I reBuilt Pokemon GO in 5 days

If That title brings a blank stare to your face, checkout the video below. Otherwise, lets get cracking.

The process behind building my pokemon go App hasn’t been much different the process behind building any of the 9ish open source apps I’ve build over the past 3 months or the 4ish client apps I’ve built over the same time period.

I break things down into easy chucks for my brain to comprehend with the least amount of of stress, I… actually hang on. I’m going to list these out in a way that I would enjoy reading them

  • I break things down easy to comprehend work chucks
  • I find some design inspiration that makes me go “whoa!”.
  • I set time blocks to work on singular tasks (This bit is also how I’m able to do so much work everyweek)

Side note: How did I build the WhatsApp app in two days while hanging out with friends and being extremely drunk? Same process.

Now lets jump into each of these

Breaking Down Tasks Into Easy To Comprehend Chunks

You can see a clear example of this in my first few commits to github, I outline every view that needs to be made before I make it. This way, I know where my work starts and where my work ends.

Ex: “For the Pokemon Go App, I knew I’ll need to…”
- To initialize a new React Native environment
- Build in Redux (Even tho I havent actively used it for any of my open source apps)
- Build Views (chat, Pokemon, Pokedex, EachPokemon, eachPokedex, Trainer, Login)
- Create View Transitions

That’s it. That was the entire app.

I dont constantly want to think about what I need to do so I write everything down in tiny hand book I carry with me & cross things out as they get done.

That way if I find myself refreshing my videos to see how many ‘likes’ I’m getting(sometimes I’m obsessed with stupid shit), I look down at my note book and go “Oh yeah, I should be building the trainer view right now”.

Side note: You can replicated with the notes app on your computer. I do me because I like having a different feeling in my pocket when in work mode than when I’m not

Finding Design Inspiration

For the entire first day of work on any app, I’m digging through behance & Pinterest for amazing stuff.

I’m combining ideas, mixing and matching. all that great creative swag.

For my Pokemon app though, I drew a majority of my inspiration for Wendy’s design. I’ve been begging her to create more amazing stuff. She’s super talent.

Setting Blocks to Work On Tasks

3 hours for dev on Open source stuff every day, 5 hours for client stuff.

Side Note: This is actually really hard for me when I havent done it in a while. My brain gets used to not working hard and I need to work even harder to get it back in check

My Favorite Quote from Bojack Horseman

Sometimes I break 3 hours of dev further into

  • 1 hour for profile view
  • 2 hours on dynamic health

Though most of the time I just set an alarm for 2pm and work on whatever needs to be worked on until then.

Side Note : On Distractions

Distractions are my absolute worst enemy as a programmer. When I start coding, I hit a stride 1–2 hours in that allows I build shit ~5x faster (Which is why hourly rates are bogus btw).

Any distraction that comes at me means that i need to start again from scratch and hit my programming stride in another 1–2hours. I’m not keen for that…Not at all.

Distractions are the absolute worst.