On Why I Left San Diego

2 min readOct 3, 2016


You do you, Coronado

I want to start off with some context for you guys.

I’m writing this piece as a response to this garbage from the NY times & from the perspective of a young developer who made a VERY conscious decision to leave San Diego for the Mexico City, Medellin & then Austin,TX

Lets started with this.
I love San Diego. The people are chill & effective, the city is clean & gorgeous & the prevailing attitude is “be open” and “give give give”.

As for my personal experience of the place:
I partied with the PhD kids of La jolla & Paralegals in Gas Lamp. I met young entrepreneurs that smoked weed all day, but got more done as CFOs of their solo founded companies in 8 hours than most people get done in months. I met a 21 year guy that took me on free private flights to Santa Barbara because he had saved enough money to buy his own small jet.

I met broads.

I met broads that did crossfit. I met broads from TJ(Tijuana). I met a 23 year old broad that had bought a place in LA and then in San Diego, because she had started a youtube channel when she lived in TJ and things just sorta went crazy from there.

What I’m saying is that if there’s somewhere in the world with a more relaxed group of young “S rank ninjas”, I haven’t been there yet.

And that’s exactly why I left

San Diego isn’t for the up and coming entrepreneur/engineer. It’s for the established.

If entrepreneurship/being a young pro was graded on the American high school system, demos would look something like this.

SF: Freshmen — Senior
NY: Freshmen — Senior
San Diego: Junior — Senior
Austin: Sophmore — Senior
Mexico City: Freshmen — Sophmore
Medellin: Freshmen — Junior

Put a bit simpler this is how I view life

I could have worked harder to stay in San Diego or I could have embraced where I was in my journey and gone somewhere designed to fueled that(somewhere with a slower moving walkways).

On my current path, I’ll be ready to go back in San Diego in 2 years.

Save me one of those “Little girl yelling at a tiger” Tshirts from the little Italy farmers market.

I wear a large ;)