On Why I’m Done Working With Recruiters

A lot of factors come into play when looking for great talent.

What the business needs right now, what skill set works best as scale, what does “scale” even look like.

When we break things down though, it really just comes down to people and what they want for the business that they’re working in/on.

Here’s what hiring a mobile developer looks like

The CEO: The CEO wants a great product. Something that she feel’s comfortable selling

The CTO/VP of Engineering: The CTO wants the best tools & to be able to understand the most he possibly can about the product he’s building.

The Recruiter: The recruiters wants to get the CEO as good of a product as possible so that she keeps coming back and providing great reviews. At least that’s what a good recruiter should want.

Most recruiters(at least the ones I’ve work with. i.e. a lot) are in the business of maxing out their short term paydays.

They aren’t concerned about what success for the entrepreneur looks like.

Here’s what I mean.

Most recuiters when presented with senior developer (i.e. someone that would build a 1 year app in 2 months) would skip over him/her for the mid developer who would extract more dollars from the business.

I’ve experienced both ends of this. They’re in the business of selling hours, not value.

That’s why I’m done with recruiters.