On Why I left College Computer Science

“Can I Graduate?” — Third Eye Blind

I graduated high school in the summer of 2010. The Gilroy Garlic Mustangs. A year before Christopher High School even became a thing.

Do you remember high school graduation? When you thought 
“Okay. That’s it! No more classes & people who dont fit in with my life direction. I’m off to college. I’m off to where my people are”

And then you get to college & you’re excited at first. Hec maybe you’re excited for your entire first year.
& Then reality sets in.

That was me.

I’d stay up late working on calculus like I thought this was where I learned to make the big bucks in real world
I thought this was where they hand you a brochure and say 
“If you’re trying to make six figures as a frontend developer here’s your path, here are some commonly overlooked resources, here are the kind of people you’ll meet on your path now go forth and prosper

What college turned out to be was an extension of high school.
More As in Calculous (Whud Up!)
More parties on the weekend (A quick FYI College weekends start on Thurday afternoon in NorCal)
More awkward dates with classmates.

I left college to escape. 
I was 2 years ahead of my engineering class
I was building a 3d game in Java while my classmates where learning the very basics 
I wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted.

Here’s what I mean by that. 
1. My assignments would take up a chunk of my time & get me better at things like Mathematics & American history, but not ready to start playing a role in the software dev world
2. My friends/classmates where from way wealthier families than mine so half the time we couldn’t hangout (I couldn't afford to be in a fraternity or go to restaurants for lunch or buy bagels before class or… you get the picture)
3. I wasn’t learning how to be a function in the professional world.

When I say “I wasn’t learning how to function in the professional world”, I really mean I wasn’t learning how to function in the professional world.

For example I didn’t learn about Github until after I dropped out.

*Gasp!* “You dropped out?”

Yes! Dropping out of college was one of the greatest accelerator of my career. 
I’m not saying it’s for everybody, but look… I was already really into self improvement before I left college. Once I left, I doubled down. I started my own drop-shipping business (It was called Sadcheese.com btw. I sold wooden swords from popular anime. Yup! I used to be a weapons dealer lol)

When that didn’t work, I went door to door and sold websites(I was in Liverpool at the time… well really Chester. Most of my clients sounded like Mom from the old James Bond movies.)

But most importantly, I learned about free Comp Sci & Biz resources like 
The New Boston
The Art Of Charm
Marie Forleo

My college experience started 7 years ago and ended 3 years after that. 
It spanned 2 continents(US & Europe) & ended at the sight of better career resources.

After all that time, I’m finally ready to be one of those resource
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