The Company is a person (2)

As I said, great companies think, talk and act like people; because they’re people. “The Company is a person”

Get personal

Customers, clients are people. So think with them. Think like people for a moment. The president who drives around in a convertible and smokes in public, steps out of his car and does random things, is likely to be more popular than the president who is executive style and stays in his mansion every time. JF Kennedy was one of the most popular presidents the US has ever had. Why?

People are people. Life is in them and life appreciates and relates with life. A ‘personal' face attracts people more than some far off bright brand.

Open up to the public. Don’t obsess about secrecy or hiding your imperfections. You know what? People want what’s real. Real things are ‘seeable’. Real things are imperfect. The more open you are, the more people will appreciate you.

Remember, great companies are loved. People can only love what’s real to them.

Do videos, take photos of you at work. Write if you can. Visit clients, etc. Do the little things you’d love your spouse to do to you. That’s how you make fans.

Experience vs product

Graduate from making products. Start creating experiences. In other words, how do you make your clients and followers feel? Through your products; your communications, your actions, etc. Can people feel you, or do they just see some ad or product? Do you make them feel like you care; or that they need you; or hopeful; or happy, etc?

If you want your company to make fans of clients, make your business about 2 things: what you love; and what they love. If what you love making meets what they love, you’ll connect!

Politics and business have this in common: people will only buy what you make them feel.

Mend your tone, please

Forget what you’ve been taught about business communication. Business is business, not a concept. Oh, I’m sorry, let me explain: business is about selling what people are able to buy.

So sell the ‘you' experience. Sell it; don’t try to sound corporate-ish or legal. Come on; how would you woo a girl? By saying “Welcome to Sam. I offer an abundance of love and dedication. Tune in to my speech to get this experience”? Really? Likewise, a company deals with people, not robots. So put some life and sincerity into your tone. If you’re excited to talk to them, tell them so; if you’re sorry, be sincere about it!

Well, I am dedicated to building a phenomenon of our company. Are you?

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