What love is?

Our love should have a house,

Should have a car and insurance.

Our love should have a job

With six figures, or maybe eight.

Our love should be on Linda Ikeji

And Bella naija,

Should have a huge rock on that finger.

Our love should go on vacation,

Twice a year,

Two tickets to the Bahamas ,

And the opera.

Our love should give huge offerings,

Sow seeds and give to the poor, widows and outcasts every Christmas.

Our love should be red and white

Just like rose and snow,

Grey hair, same grave.

Leave huge inheritance for our kids and grand children.

Our love should be called Sir and Dr,

Denoting respect and awe in the minds of people.

But one question love,

When did love become so materialistic?
When did love need things to feel warm
To feel safe and loved ?

Adam only had a garden,

Eve had a serpent,

And they loved for eternity.

When did love become so much of a principle than an act or a feeling?

An act of chivalry, born out of a sheer moment one can not simply explain.

Pure action birthed out of a true desire to be one’s true self in the presence of nothing, other than the true being right there with you.

Love was birthed out of nothing

Nothing births love

Except the true custodian of love

Love itself,


I want my love to be responsibly irresponsible.

No boundaries, freedom, carefree just like love birds floating across the sky.

Free to be whoever we want to be,

Free to fall in love with us over and over again.

Break all the rule, just to build it up with you over and over again.

Teach me your love language, I will teach you mine.

Show me your scars and I will tattoo it right across my heart, where life resides.

I know fairy tales don’t exist,
I want fairy tales nonetheless, I want everything. Isn’t that what faith is? Nothing out of nothing.

I want our kids to envy our kind of love.

I want our love to be very broke and very rich at the same time.

We will save everything, invest everything and spend everything, knowing that when we die,

we will leave everything behind,

other than the love we shared.

I want our love to be blissful, not just peaceful.

I want our love to be divine, a worship, koinonia, deep fellowship within.

I want our love to be real. Just like you and me.

Flesh and blood, spirit and soul.

Is that too much to ask for?

I want us to be in love with nothing, for nothing.