An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

Gen X is right there with the Millennials, with the exception that we know about Vladimir Putin, and we have firm handshakes.

We don’t like Hillary, we don’t trust Hillary, we’d rather see Trump elected — because, if nothing else, a President Trump would rapidly accelerate the time schedule of the impending Revolution.
Me and my friends are not going to vote for Hillary or Trump, because we’re fed up with our corporate oligarchy system. We’re voting for only third party candidates. 
We feel like Hillary and Trump are opposite sides of the same corporate oligarchy minted coin; the front of the coin has an image of Trump and reads, “In Plutocratic Police States We Trust.” On the back it reads, “Continual War, Corporate Prosperity, and Overflowing Prisons,” and there is an image of Hillary’s $12,000 monogrammed boots — the monogram reads, “Crush the Poor to Elevate the Rich.”
The RNC and the DNC are out of touch, they no longer represent We the People, and so, it’s time for them to go.

Soon enough, the DNC and the RNC are going to experience an ELE.

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