United Nations Medal

Medal 50th Aniversary United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Brazil

Acceptance speach

His work garnered international support and recognition, including the United Nations Global Award — 50th Aniversary of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Brasil.

I have to salute a veteran

Peacekeeping by the United Nations is a role held by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations as “a unique and dynamic instrument developed by the Organization as a way to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace.”[3] It is distinguished from both peacebuilding, peacemaking, and peace enforcement.

President of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Brazil — Dr. Walter Mello

For a founding member of the United Nations, historically committed to the peaceful settlement of disputes, participating in peacekeeping operations is a natural extension of its international responsibilities. Under article 4 of the Federal Constitution, among the principles governing Brazil’s international relations are the promotion of peace, the peaceful settlement of conflicts and the cooperation among nations for the progress of humanity. Brazil has not shirked from engaging in conflict resolution — such as those in Angola, East Timor, Lebanon and Haiti. Brazil Itamaraty’s link

At the Table of Honour

Brazil is proud of its historic and consistent participation in UN peacekeeping operations, which is always in accordance with its foreign policy interests, along with national and international rules and principles. Coherence and prudence have determined the definition of the missions in which Brazil chooses to engage.

I’m very proud to be a new Blue Beret

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