21/10/15 — New Beginnings

Versus on FreshAir.org.uk at 7pm

To celebrate the first full day of the station this semester, and my first ever radio show the theme this week is New Beginnings.

Within the first 10 minutes of the show I had played the wrong song and forgotten to turn the microphone off… but overall it went quite well for my first ever time on the radio!


Host: Samuel Rojas (S) Guest cohost: Dan Mills (D)

YouTube Playlist
Spotify Playlist (missing last track)


  1. MØ — Kamikaze (FreshAir.org.uk Playlist)
  2. Aviccii — For A Better Day (D)
  3. BBC Symphony, Chorus & Singers — Auld Lang Syne (S)
  4. Arches ft. Karen Harding — New Love (D)
  5. Mungo’s Hi-Fi — Brand New Bangarang (S)
  6. The Chainsmokers, Tritonal — Until You Were Gone (D)
  7. Slow Club — Everything is New (S)
  8. Sultan + Shepard ft. Kreesha Turner — Bring me Back (D)
  9. Broadcaster — First Time Ever (S)
  10. Laidback Luke — Let it Go (D)
  11. M. Ward — For Beginners (S)
  12. Daniel Adams-Ray — Thinking of Sunshine (Kretsen Remix) (D)
  13. Mumm-ra — She’s Got You High (S)
  14. Chance the Rapper — Family Matters (FreshAir.org.uk Playlist)

Bonus Tracks (didn’t make it on to the show)

Muse — Feeling Good (S)
Kiesza — Cut Me Loose (SeeB Remix) (D)
Ferry Corsten — Find a Way (D)
Audien ft Lady Antebellum — Something Better (D)
Breathe Carolina & APEK — Anywhere But Home (D)
Gilligan Moss — Choreograph (FreshAir.org.uk Playlist)

Originally published at versusshow.wordpress.com on October 21, 2015.

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