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You need to know what is actually being debated before you try to prove a point. You may want to find out before posting ignorant garbage like “continue the stupidity that Global warming and climate change is a new and unnatural process that, inspite of historic records to the contrary, has never happened before.” Researching the actual issues being debated requires more than just listening to the ignorant ramblings of random people and the media (which is an INCREDIBLE source of misinformation, as shown by the still prominent talking point by deniers that scientists were talking about “global cooling” in the ‘70’s… which actually proved to NOT actually be the case… but you would have to do a little research of your own to find that out). It requires taking one of two routes: rely on the experts (I know, “expert” is to conservatives what “garlic and a cross” is to classic vampires) to summarize the thousands of scientific papers so you can understand without having multiple PhD’s… or get multiple PhD’s so that you can sift through them all for yourself (and have whatever you say get discarded as a “chain of lies frauds and fakeries” by the right). Either way, stop relying on ignorance to inform you, or you will never be able to contribute anything MEANINGFUL to any debate, besides adding to the statistics of ignorance among voting-age citizens.

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