Is it really possible to hack someone’s Gmail ID?

Yes, it is possible very much so. Gmail accounts can be hacked using several methods such as brute forcing, phishing, and social engineering. Remember, there are many other ways to hack someone’s email account, or social networking accounts. These are just the well known mainstream methods. Nowadays, methods mentioned above only have little to no success at all.

Brute Forcing

This method is by far the most simplest hacking method.Brute forcing is just a computer tool that keeps guessing your passwords from a directory or database of some sort. It isn’t easy to build the tool. but with all the tools developed by coders or hackers, it became extremely easy hack someone with Brute force.


Phishing is literally like fishing to people who have the same mentality as fishes. You create a webpage that is similar to Gmail’s login and get them to sign in using their username and password.

Social Engineering

Consider this scenario. There is someone that you really don’t like at school. He has been a dick to you all your life. You want to take revenge. You want to get back at him. One day, you found out that he has a weakness for girls online. He’d usually get online every nigh to talk to girls from distance on Facebook because everybody who knows him in person, dislikes him.


You create your fake Facebook account, pretending to be a really cute girl. You talk to him, and he talks back to you. Slowly but surely, you begin to ask him about his birthdays, his favorite grandma, what street he grew up in, and where he lives. All those good personal questions. After you gather these questions, you try to reset his account password using these security questions.

This is the probably the most oversimplified definitions and examples of hacking email accounts or social networking accounts. If you’d like to know more, you can definitely do more research into this. But in the meantime, I hope this post gives you some sense on hacking.

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