Here’s an invitation to meet new people 🖖🏽

Because your network is your net-worth

How do you usually meet new amazing people?

I’m guessing you’ve never really asked yourself that question before. And I’m also assuming that historically its either been randomly through a friend or maybe through work.

Same here.

What if there was a way to repeatedly meet interesting, pre-vetted, people?

would you be interested?

I’ve been thinking about hosting a meal once a month where myself and one co-host will invite one interesting person from our own networks, and those invites will also invite one interesting person each from their own networks.

Get it?

So the result would be 6 people invited to a meal where you will only know a maximum of 1 person. The beauty of it is that everyone on the table has been invited by someone else who finds them interesting. Therefore making it highly likely that you will find overlaps in interests with that new connection.

The objective of the meals will be to meet new people as well as to have open (and real) conversations about:

  • who you are
  • what you’re currently working on
  • what you’re struggling with
  • what you’re aiming to do
  • how anyone can help each other

etc etc

But don’t for one second think it’s a formal occasion, its a be yourself occasion. So wear whatever you want. Drink whatever you want. Be you.

So you’ve been invited…

Each month there will be a different small group of eclectic people.

The point of this meal is to get unique ideas and perspectives outside the normal world of people we hang out with. And a chance to meet unique and interesting people making things happen in London.


To be confirmed

What To Bring

A big question you’re facing right now:

“What are you struggling with? / What’s a current challenge?”

Bring an idea of how to answer that for yourself.

The challenge can be large or small, personal or professional. Common topics may be for help on workplace issues, personal relationship questions, business strategy, etc.

We’ll give 7–10 minutes to group think about each person’s challenge. And of course, all conversation is off record.

If you would be interested in this give me a message on twitter

(P.S. Credit for this idea goes back to Nat Eliason and Mike Williams 🤘🏼)