Kapu Gift for Ark Voters

Samuel Zwaan
Feb 24, 2018 · 2 min read

The Foundry is not only a delegate at Ark, we are also active delegates at Kapu and we want to present Ark voters with a small gift (more on that later). It’s fair to say that Kapu operates in a niche and because of that has also operated somewhat under the radar. Kapu aims to make immutable the human history through the creation of the first world archaeological blockchain of the modern era and also aims to enhance it thanks to today’s technology (multimedia, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.). Kapu is using Ark blockchain technology to make this vision a reality. More on the basics of Kapu can be read here.

Kapu Awareness

Recently Kapu has started to boost awareness around the project. One example is the launch of the Kapu Community Fund. The Kapu Community Fund (KCF) follows in the footsteps first put into place with Ark’s Community Fund and the KCF will be an important part of the future of Kapu’s community. From now onwards it will represent a united vision for community members and empower every supporter of Kapu to help make positive changes to not only the community but also external projects that the Kapu community deem a good fit with our vision. The KCF will launch a delegate which will be community supported and 10% of forging rewards will go to the KCF wallet that will be used o support community projects and help improve engagement within the Kapu community. More can be read here.

A gift from The Foundry

Lastly, it is now possible to buy/sell/trade livecoin.net (more detail here). As such The Foundry thought it was time for a little gift to Ark voters. We have been forging on Kapu for some time now and want to share in the forged Kapu we gained. As such we will give some free Kapu to Ark voters who apply via this form. We will send 10 Kapu to you if you can show that you are an Ark voter, we will even send you 25 Kapu if you buy some Kapu on livecoin.net and then vote for The Foundry, Arkland or Dutchdelegates (distribution is not immediate as we evaluate the input to avoid scamming, there is also a maximum amount of Kapu we can gift so we will halt this promotion at our discretion). Once you vote you will receive Kapu on a daily basis (as you might be used to with Ark).

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Ark slack as well as say hello to you in the Kapu community!