I’ve been working on some cocktails in my head and I’ll share ones that I find around the world.

The Hunny

This cocktail is actually made by Pok Pok but with Tequila. I substituted Tequila for Gin and think that I have made a much better product. The recipe goes:

Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice with lime, Som honey drinking vinegar and tequila served up.

I think grapefruit goes well with Gin any day of the week, the honey drinking vinegar adds a nice tang, and the lime of course is delicious with everything. I decided to substitute Gin for Tequila because I was with my Dad, a Gin drinker, and this thing bangs. I’m claiming credit for myself and keeping the name. The drink was served in a metal martini glass, which I did not really like. I feel that drinking out of a martini glass when the concoction less than 95% spirit is not the way to go. I’d put this in a small tulip vessel for best results.

Dirty Julius

This is the first real cocktail I came up with in my head. I was looking for a summer month whiskey drink to serve late at a coffee shop. It feels a bit like a Old Fashioned meets a shandy in all the good ways.

Fresh citrus juice, orange or tangerine, and lemon. I think the whiskey can be flash frozen by shaking over ice. Pour whiskey into whiskey glass with two medium to large size cubes. Splash citrus juice on top. Make it dirty. There is one or two more ingredients to this. I was thinking lime bitters, lime syrup, but I just decided on peach drinking vinegar served with a blackberry. Mint leaf or rosemary to garnish? This cocktail has not been made, but I will follow up when I get it right.

Leave me with some recipes if you have cocktails of your own you want to share.

Peace y’all.


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