My vain attempt to go Star Gazing at Kielder Forest in Northumberland.

Today Monday 3rd of April 2017…….

Set out this morning at 10 am for a weeks relaxation to the Majestic town of New Biggin by the Sea.” Never heard of it?” It’s ok. Neither had I until a few years ago.

New Biggin by the Sea is a quaint little fishing Town near Newcastle. Situated on the northeast coast. You can take the coastal route right from Whitby right up to Hadrian Wall and Berwick on Tweed.

We are fortunate enough to rent a cottage right on the seafront. We can go to sleep and wake up to the sound of gentle waves breaking on the shoreline.

From the windows you can see a sculpture of a local lass and gent standing on a platform looking out to sea.

New Biggin statue Statue of man and woman at New-Biggin-by-the-Sea

You may have seen the Robson Green TV programme Tales from Northumberland? On it he vists the many beautiful sites, historic houses, Castles and natural history sites that can be discovered in Northumberland.

Robson Green TV. Tales of Northumberland

Howick hall: The stately home of Earl Grey. The man who gave the World Earl Grey Tea!!!

In almost every town and village there is a Castle !

Banburgh Castle Royal Seat of the Kings of Northumbria and family home since 1894..

Historic bamburgh castle Bamburgh Castle Northumberland

Alnwick Castle famed for some of the scenes in the “Harry Potter” films and Dunstenburgh Castle to name a few.

Set in magnificent grounds the first Hydro -Electric House “Cragside House” . Has its Electric generated by a giant Archimedes Screw driven by the water currant from the local river.

As if that wasn’t enough there are the islands of Lindisfarne , Holy island and Farne island. Great places to see Seals and seabirds including Puffins.

Funny puffin Puffin on Farne Island

This is all fantastic but what I am REALLY looking forward to, on this visit to Northumberland, is our trip to KIELDER FOREST. Noted as one of the UK’s “Dark sky” Astronomy sites. Set in beautiful Countryside of rolling hills and valleys. The Kielder observatory is set in a Dark sky area which has zero light pollution.

Dark sky kielder Observatory Kielder Forest Observatorary

We tried to book a visit to the observatory but it was already booked up. Won’t stop us going though. We might get in on the off chance. If all else fails I have my Binoculars so I can still take advantage of the Dark skies.

I will let you know how I get on in my next post.

Until then Clear Skies !