McDonald’s Is The Only Restaurant That Should Be In Airports
Fran Hoepfner

Ahh yes, comedians making jokes about flying. Ba-dum PAAA.

First, you borrowed/used a photo of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam for some reason. I’ve eaten many good meals there, including in the area beyond the gates/security barrier. My friend even brought her dog because hey, it’s Europe. And they have wonderful coffee too, and no, it’s not Starbucks, and no, there’s no line.

Secondly, lots of people in airports aren’t flying anywhere. Sometimes they’re picking someone up. Sometimes they’re working at the airport. Sometimes they’re taxi drivers who dropped off a fare at the airport. Sometimes they’re the crew of the plane, wanting a nice meal after punching in a long shift. Sometimes the airport is just an interesting place to hang out much like a mall.

Three, I’d really rather not fly in a dirty sky bus filled with obese Americans farting off their McValue meal, thank you! :)

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