How Two Words Can Change Your Life
Darius Foroux

I truly do appreciate your articles, so take that into consideration when reading what I’m about to say.

Christopher Columbus was one of the most despicable men who ever lived, a guy who not only robbed his own sailor (of the huge reward for being the first to spot land) but ENTHUSIASTICALLY implemented policies of genocide and slavery on all four of his expeditions. The head of the KKK is less racist than Columbus.

Tesla, obviously a genius and a truly inquisitive guy, suffered tremendously throughout his life and spent most of his latter years obsessed with pigeons and behaviors we’d classify as “OCD” today. I’ve never seen even a hint of evidence that he a) smiled b) was a happy go-lucky guy or c) went around appreciating his life. He died a frustrated, broken man who was hounded by both law enforcement and ruthless corporate thieves like Westinghouse, Morgan, and Edison.

The Wright brothers are not a corporation, hence the little “b” in brothers :P Definitely interesting guys, but post-Kitty Hawk one became an entertainer, constantly risking his life to do aerial tricks in Europe, and the other effectively became a recluse. Don’t remember either one ever preaching the gospel of thankfulness.