Future of Food

I’ve never been to Canada in my life, so I have no idea what your food tastes like or how Yuma works. But I will say this — you need to hire a professional writer. Your “tiny URL” link goes straight to the Apple store to download your app.

Well, what if I don’t have an IOS device? What if I just want to learn more about you and your company? I certainly can’t find it on Google (food + yuma = millions of results about restaurants in Yuma, AZ, nowhere near Canada BTW).

And then when I finally do find your site, it’s just a big ad for the IOS app (and no Android) with no “about us”, no “why we’re doing this”, no “this is why you should give a shit about the service” or anything else. No testimonials. No happy customer faces. No blog. No Twitter!!

Hire a professional writer, and you’ll see huge upswings in customer interest (not to mention actually d/ling and using the app!).

Just my 2 cents :)

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