How to Fix Twitter’s Troll Problem for Women in Sports (& Beyond)
Julie DiCaro

Thank you for writing this! It’s obvious that something needs to be done but please don’t block IPs as some of us share IPs and I’d hate for a hacker to fake my IP, do something to get my IP blocked, and chortle as I get punished for what he did.

Right now, Twitter has two kinds of accounts — verified and all the rest. Verified is the “VIP Lounge” of Twitter with special settings. But what’s most important is that the person behind the account has been verified — i.e. Twitter knows their real-life identity.

So as not to lose its cachet, Twitter needs to set up “ID checked” or “Verified Lite”, a second-tier system of identifying people’s real names and information in order to gain more privileges.

Then when people are being harassed, they can activate a filter to block any and all communications from a person who isn’t Verified/ID Checked.

99% of the reason why people can get away with being flaming a-holes on the internet is because they KNOW that they’re anonymous. Take away the anonymity, and 99% of the problem disappears in an instant.

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