I Am From

I miss the nights where I could stay out until the lightening bugs came out, running around the neighborhood in my bare feet with my close childhood friends. Playing volleyball in the street my dad, trying not to spike the ball at passing cars, until my mom called us in for dinner.

I miss coming home after school everyday to my mom’s homemade strawberry and banana smoothies. My grandpa’s over cooked burgers he left on the grill for too long. The sweet smells of chicken poprikash and pirogi's coming from my grandma’s kitchen is something I want most back from my childhood.

The “I love you more” fights was a staple of my childhood, where we could go for hours not letting the other one win. The sister whom I grew up with, we spent tooth and nail fighting with each other, she is now my best friend. My parents were and always will be my support system. My small black lab will always be my little fur baby. I am more than thankful to have had the experiences from my childhood, because they made me who I am today.

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