The financial world is becoming digital and more decentralized hence, the creation of foil network. FOIL Network is a new standard of interoperable and elastic Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) technology. It focuses on establishing a credible system for verified identities of investors, contributors, community members, validators and counterparties based on immutable and transparent blockchain technology.

FOIL Network is a PoS/LPoS/DPoS blockchain built on Java. It is a scalable, interoperable and multifunctional blockchain network protocol, which serves as a platform for creating unique decentralized economies within a multi-tier distributed, autonomous, and circular ecosystem. FOIL as a Blockchain-as-a-Service technology, is designed to improve the integration of blockchain for real world applications.

FOIL Blockchain-as-a-Service. Built to revolutionize the crypto world! pure NFT is a cross-chain capable technology with on-chain storage platform and marketplace to store and trade NFTs.

With FOIL it is possible to entirely own your personal data. The platform technology is secured by on-chain identity verification. FOIL Network provides the possibility to have a verified anonymous account and a verified digital ID account in a single wallet. Thus, AML/KYC can be easily performed, recorded and maintained on the blockchain.

FOIL is the approved native digital accounting unit that gives its holder additional rights to manage and entirely govern the ecosystem.

FOIL Network is dependent on two accounting units - Foil and MVolt. This model allows users to participate in the ecosystem without reducing their stake in the network. It separates the rights of governance from the rights of using the network. It also provides the means to acquire the tokens required to pay transaction fees, which increases the economic efficiency of the platform.

Foil Network support dogecoin, as the most simple and scalable cryptocurrency with huge supply and emission, top liquidity and global crypto adopters recognition. You can use dogecoin throughout the Foil Blockchain: buy FOIL and mVolt, pay for NFTs and process exchanges just like with native FOIL tokens. The integration of DOGE brings FOIL elastic blockchain as a liquid custodian and staking capabilities provider, because of the extended DeFi features of the Foil Network.

FOIL Network charges MVolt for the operations, preventing the mismanagement of node resources. It is used to pay for transactions, and it is given as a reward for building blocks.

The mainnet has the following BaaS services implemented: tokenization, DeFi and crypto staking, NFT, KYC and AML, e-Voting, DAO, on-chain storage, and more. To provide high security, important transactions, such as creating digital assets and statuses, are possible only with on-chain KYC verification. In a cross-chain interaction, by using smart-bridges, it’s possible to deposit and withdraw BTC, LTC, DASH and DOGE. In the future, other cryptocurrencies will be connected to Foil Network, like ETH and BNB.



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