Are software developers underestimated?

Let’s start with what I’ve felt and observed so far. About a year ago, I started developing android applications and software in general. From then, I started to have difficulties keeping the conversations going with people who are not software developers or are of some other line of work which I have no idea of. Whenever I go in social functions and meet my relatives, they talk about how they went to some place and did this and did that and blah blah blah, and as I am a nerd, I spend most of my time in college, or office or in my room in front of my laptop in holidays, so I just stand there like

And I tend to stay calm and talk only when I know what I’m talking about, because if I try to talk more, I may run into talks about how the server wasn’t replying correctly to my request because I was missing one parameter in JSON string and how my query lack a WHERE condition. And whenever I accidentally start to talk about my problems and my life, people who are not into computers, like my girlfriend and my school friends be all like

After going through similar kind of experiences in last one year, I have come to the conclusion that software developers aren’t considered to be hard workers or smart enough, unless you have a tag of a big company such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, appended to your name. People see our job as very easy and pleasing, they see our centrally air conditioned offices and comfortable chairs, but they can’t see the work we do there, they don’t even consider it anything near to hard work.

When a carpenter makes a chair, people can see how much work it requires, when an architect builds a building, people see and appreciate the efforts, but when I develop a thread safe database operation library which is also cross platform, only developers see that and know how much work and efforts are required.

People know and love the actors who bring them movies which entertain them barely 3 hours, but they don’t even care what is the name of developer who worked hard to make Android, which makes their life easy and fun everyday. We should be appreciating the developers, they make everyone’s life easier.

What are your views about this problem? Do write in comments.