100 Days of Swift: The Tutorials

Use Xcode to build a User Interface that adapts to multiple screen dimensions

What was the process?

Final edit of a tutorial inside Screenflow

Swift 2.0 or 3.0? Does it matter?

“Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. You’ve got to get the fundamentals down otherwise the fancy stuff isn’t going to work.” ―Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Access the Migration Assistant in the Edit Menu

How is the course structured?

1. Demo

2. Build UI

3. Code

Do I need any programming experience?

  1. How do I structure my code?
  2. Why write a function?
  3. What’s the use case of a variable?
  4. How do I detect when a user taps a button?
  5. How do I build a user interface?

Final thoughts

Checkout the tutorials — samvlu.com/tutorials



just doing the best I can

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