Tutorials Update 1 — New Custom Settings Project

Just a quick update. I added a new project to 100 Days of Swift: The Tutorials and removed the iAd Banner project.

New Swift Project

The new project is an introduction to creating custom settings in iOS. We’ll learn how to:

  • add a project to the iOS Settings app
  • create a toggle switch
  • show the app version number
  • write code to apply a night theme when the toggle switch is on and restore the default theme when it’s off
New Project — Basic Custom Settings

iAd Banner Project

Apple announced that it has discontinued the iAd App Network. Read more about it here. Because of this, I replaced the iAd Banner project with the Custom Settings project. Hope you enjoy the new project.

Thanks to everyone who’s supporting and spreading the word about 100 Days of Swift: The Tutorials. Special thanks to Aubrey Johnson for all your help with Product Hunt.

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