Heaven on earth called Yosemite and waterfall of “Fire”

This write up is about Hiking in Yosemite National Park in California, its beautiful locations and endless photo opportunities. I also want to describe an amazing phenomenon called Firefall where a waterfall looks like burning lava flowing through mountain top.

Majestic Yosemite National Park is one place any nature lover would be thrilled to visit. It is located in California. It has majestic mountains and deep valley with snow in winter. When the snow melts it creates amazing waterfalls that turns into Merced river. One of the tallest waterfall is Upper and lower Yosemite fall.

Upper and lower Yosemite falls

One of the major attraction is a mountain with tall cliffs called “El Capitan”

El Capitan on left and bridalveil falls on the right

Only during month of February if following factors come into play Mother Nature creates a magical show.

  • There has to be snow on the mountain
  • Temperatures have to be high enough for snow to melt to create a small waterfall
  • Sun has to set at certain angle and
  • Sky has to be clear enough for it to light up this waterfall

This waterfall is called Horsetail

Horsetail fall

When all 4 factors come into play the waterfall starts lighting up like a fire or hot lava flowing through

Eventually when sun starts to set the glow changes

When the sun is at perfect angle it is an amazing. Sight

I highly recommend a visit but please keep in mind that you may or may not get lucky. If you don’t get to see this don’t despair. There is so much to see in Yosemite.


There are so many hiking trails available in Yosemite that it is hard to say where to begin. But let me share some of the links

Some photos I have taken

Four mile trail

This trail is a great trail to view Upper and lower Yosemite fall.

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