Know All About Shipping A Car And Its Transport Costs

Shipping a car can be tricky. This is because any automobile is huge. So either you drive the car to the new destination or look at other ways in addition to knowing all about the transportation costs.

Shipping a car and its costs would depend on many factors. It will depend on the distance. A short trip like interstate could be just a couple of hundred dollars. In the case of cross-country, this can go to over a few thousand dollars.

The kind of car will also make a difference. Smaller cars are cheaper to transport while SUVs, as well as trucks, will be costing much more to transport.

Next is about shipping on an open or an enclosed trailer. Open trailers can carry many more cars. Hence this will be generally less expensive to ship the vehicle. In the case of a fancy car, it is better to pay the extra $300 to $400 in order to ship it in a trailer that is enclosed. Another option is shipping boxes. This would mean the convenience of a covered trailer with the expense of an open one.

There will be a higher cost for door-to-door service. It will be lesser if you can pick it up from the designated pickup spot of the company.

There are some websites and apps that can connect one with brokers and get quotes.

At one time it used to take nearly a month to ship a car cross-country. But now there is a central dispatch service, and most of the shipping brokers are connected to it. This allows the car to go coast to coast in just seven days or so.

Typically all the auto shipping brokers are using the same national dispatch service. Still, there are many differences amongst them in terms of cost, quality, as well as the degree of service.

Hence it is best to check them out before committing. Also, check insurance. Typically most companies have liability insurance. This will cover the car for up to $100,000. In the case of a fancy car that is being shipped in an enclosed trailer; the contents will be typically insured up to $1 million. Also, check your own auto insurance policy to know if it is covering shipping too.

Never pick your vehicle up with stuff as the shippers may charge extra or even refuse to move it. Besides, the shipping company will not take responsibility for any valuables left in the car. Always inspect the car before sending it off so that in the case of any damage occurring in transit, it can be proved that it was not there earlier. Typically a company does a 21-point inspection before loading a car on the trailer. Do go over it before signing it off.

Always inspect the car again after it arrives. Any scratches or malfunctions which were not there before will become your own to be repaired once you have accepted its delivery.

There are many other transport options too such as hiring an individual driver for taking the car to your destination. This can actually be quite expensive. This would include the cost of the hotel and food of the driver en route, along with the plane fare for him to go back home. You will need to be insured and vetted drivers for this.