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Hi Kevin, I am just now catching up to your decision to end The Wake Up Call. I saw it disappeared from my publications list and I decided to do some more exploring. Now I want to jump on the bandwagon of reaching out to you. First I want to say thank you for adding me as a writer. As a new writer to Medium it was a very pleasant surprise to have been automatically added as a writer for TWUC and to also get your kind responses to my work. I know I didn’t contribute much, but I planned too. I currently have a commitment to 100 days on 100 Naked Words and that has been challenge enough for me to keep up with. As a writing coach and mentor (and former literary journal founder and editor), I too have found myself all to easily in the position of prioritizing other people’s writing over my own. It’s a hard balance to find, especially when you are committed to making sure more unheard voices are actually heard and valued (especially by the writer’s themselves first and foremost). I look forward to reading more of your writing. Best of luck to you!

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