Blood, sweat, and tears,
The trinity of toil,
The marks of labor,
The fruits of our soil.

Blood, the red life force,
Pumped through veins and arteries,
Sweat, the sign of effort,
Poured out in great quantities.

Tears, the salty reminder,
Of all we put ourselves through,
The highs and the lows,
The triumphs and the blues.

But through it all we persevere,
For blood, sweat, and tears,
Are just temporary stains,
On the path to our fears.

For in the end, it’s all worth it,
The struggles we must face,
For with blood, sweat, and tears,
We earn our rightful place.



Sam Wanekeya

Software Eng. @ Kakbima + Kwirel + Andelini | Designing and developing solutions that enhance our life at work and home | Connect@