Various versions of a conspiracy,
Each different in their intricacy,
But all born from my mind,
And so you are plagued with our intimacy -
Come too close and you’ll know the extent of the measures used to keep you locked in proximity,
My hearts desires achieved at the expense of another’s energy.

These motivations may be fictions crafted by those hurt by the contempt of their own emotions,
Or these crafts are of my own conception and this world remains only within my head,
With their hearts trapped beside me.

Manipulation, in their words,
“Calculated, you are in your movements,
Yet hold no contingency for when we see through your eyes” -
It would serve naive to think all sights have been set upon when considering where to direct my actions.

Education in the ways of communication opened the path to redemption,
Seeing where I went wrong and where rights were to be made with further steps,
And yet I stand here with my back turned to the sun,
Beckoning you to join me as the light shines past my intentions -
Illuminating your way.

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