moulded new.

I make no claims of greatness,
I know what, and who I am,
I look for ways to succeed in my progressions for stagnation holds no place within my plan,
And in within it is learning lessons,
Making better on the promises from which was ran.

Humble in my approach,
With open eyes and a clear head,
Cautious to take notes and wrap my mind around the words that she said –
A transitional state,
from the inside out I see my old self and that skin shed,
To leave a hollow hole ready to be filled with new knowledge
Through a reflective sense of self; clarity achieved, a mindset polished.

Now in new minds a step back is seen only as a moment for consideration of the steps to be taken forward and further,
The capacity to change will lay dormant forever until you unearth –
She remains the reason for all goods things that came and the fortunes that followed calculated change,
So from now my memories cherished are counted and saved, to make light of a rainy day.

Greatness is yet to come and with patience it shall blossom within our actions without the need to mouth to fall open and say –