Shelter in the Sunshine City
Rick Kriseman

I am shocked and stunned by the attitudes of such a large number of people in the US. The citizen’s needs and concerns are secondary to non-citizens and even more shocking to those of ILLEGAL CRIMINALS! The voting CITIZENS of this great nation need to get rid of people like Kriseman. Sadly, his decision to PROTECT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS from being picked up by the Feds impacts ALL of the neighboring cities. Who would ever think there would be so many people in government willing to protect CRIMINAL illegal immigrants at the expense of its citizens? We the People are slowly relinquishing our country to everyone but us and soon there will be no distinction between citizens and non-citizens. People who come to the US LEGALLY are already protected by our laws and therefore there is no need for this sanctuary declaration. Kriseman’s heart felt statements are just an OBFUSCATION to the true intent which is to provide protection for criminal illegal immigrants. Does he think we can’t distinguish the difference between LEGAL immigrants who are JOYFULLY WELCOME to come here and join our way of life and the ILLEGALS? Please tell me Kriseman which of the “harmful federal immigration laws” exist? Commit a crime and you get deported?

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