The cryptocurrency and the block-chain industry, to many, can be unfamiliar waters. Due to a lack of knowledge of the industry, many are not interested in participating. While crypto-trading is popular on several trading and exchange platforms, the education of new users is vital. Uncertainty of the larger society in the adoption of cryptocurrencies shows a challenge. Newscrypto is building an integrated solution to confront this problem.

NewsCrypto is a crypto-powered platform providing trading and information solutions to investors. As interests in the crypto industry keep mounting, building an ecosystem of information, analytics, news, and interactive platforms as a package places NewsCrypto in an advantage. Newscrypto is restoring the confidence of traders in the trade of cryptocurrencies.


The NewsCrypto Coin (NWC) is a token hosted on the platform. The NWC Token is a token built to satisfy all consumer needs of traders using it for transactions built on the NewsCrypto network. As a product being primed for investors in the crypto market, the NWC Token holds certain features which makes it have an edge in the crypto market over other existing and similar products. Built as a Stellar Lumen compliant token, the token helps investors and users make fast and cheap transactions.

The NWC Token is not subject to external funding. As a more stable form of currency, the NWC Token is not subject to initial coin offerings or initial exchange offerings. With the many forms of coins and tokens in the crypto market marketed through ICOs or IEOs, they get exposed to overvaluation or undervaluation. These uncertainties remove the confidence of users in their investments. In a bid to reinforce the confidence of traders in the NWC Token, it is not exposed to the volatility that other currencies in the market are exposed to.

The NWC Token is extremely useful for its ability to work on trading platforms. The Token is infused with various usability models such as payment, remuneration, accumulation, as well as providing access to the platforms’ payouts, bonuses, etc. Another unique feature of the NWC Token over other traded currencies is the NWC Burn. This automatic financial engineering involving the burning of about 20% of membership, keeps the token value stabilized through deflation.

Listed on popular trading platforms such as KuCoin (a top exchange platform in the global deployment of cryptocurrencies) and HitBC (a platform with an advanced 2-factor-authentication-powered exchange platform), the quality and security of the NWC Token has been tested under real-time market conditions.

The NWC Token has also been built with an organic growth model that ensures its growth is sustainable and that users and investors are able to make their investment in a reliable and sustainable asset, while understanding the infrastructure on which block-chain and crypto-currency is built.


Newscrypto has been built as an informational and analytics driven platform in order to help investors, traders and all interested persons to make informed decisions concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain. The NWC Token has been built to suit the Newscrypto platform.

The NewsCrypto platform’s edge in providing users with real-time trading solutions coupled with crypto-related information helps traders make better, informed decisions makes it one of the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. The NewsCrypto platform has predefined chart layouts that demonstrate the price flows of different types of coins. This chart is used by many of the world’s best crypto traders as of today.

Another uniqueness of the Newscrypto platform is that it has liberalized access of learners, investors and traders to the much needed market indicators that give them more confidence on the trading and investment of cryptocurrencies. This level of education is not provided by many of the existing platforms.

The nature of usage of the Newscrypto platform also makes it a cheaper and more efficient alternative for traders and investors. Users do not have to worry about mounting pricing fees or trading fees as the platform even rewards users for usage of the platform using the NWC Token. Being an organic-growth-driven platform, users are able to understand the different cryptocurrencies at a self-paced basis.

The Newscrypto platform is run in an ecosystem format. The ecosystem model allows users, whether as beginners, intermediate or advanced users progress through the Newscrypto platform in a structured way. While users, as members stand to gain benefits from either Platform membership or the NWC Community, they are exposed to benefits such as user rewards, accumulated knowledge, and contribution to platform development.

The Newscrypto School Program is another feature of the platform which educates new members on the ins and outs of the crypto world. With this initiative already progressing under a partnership with KuCoin, Newscrypto is poised to take possession of an important market share of users that have been abandoned by other platforms. The school program is overseen by industry thought leaders in the crypto sector. The trove of resources provided in this program exposes users, no matter their level, to the market of cryptocurrency in an easy-to-understand way.


Newscrypto offers users a wide range of services ranging from trading platforms to educational content. As the world continues to tinker with threats of currency devaluation, many will take interest in alternative and lucrative assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Recognizing this trend, Newscrypto sees an opportunity for new entrants as well as established traders to learn more about the art of trading cryptocurrencies.

Acknowledging the important role of real-time information, analytics, predictions and indicators, Newscrypto provides these different services in an integrated format that allows users benefit the most from usage of the platform.

Education about the different cryptocurrencies for users is also a plus for people who may just start picking up interest. When more users are encouraged to learn about cryptocurrencies while also earning, this reinforces confidence in the regular, everyday user. Conclusively, with the creation of communities, there is a gradual phasing in of people who are interested in the NWC product and contribute to the platform development.

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