One of the most crucial elements for creating photoreal cg is lighting. To get accurate lighting from real-world environments, visual effects artists use 360 degree HDR images, taken on set during production.

The previous methods for capturing these HDR images were slow and cumbersome. They involved expensive specialty equipment like fisheye lenses, nodal pano heads and stitching software.

While the older techniques can achieve great results, they also require a variety of complicated tools from separate manufacturers all working in tandem with a high likelihood of error. They also require the VFX supervisor on-set to hold up the crew for…

Walking through the lobby of the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott after leaving my cousin’s wedding.

Drunk Guy: You must be one of the Bormels!

Me: Nope

Drunk Guy: Really?! You have a really big mouth!

Me: Yeah, I’m on the other side.

Drunk Guy: Wow. Well, you just have a really big mouth.

Me: Thanks.

Drunk Guy: Don’t get me wrong, you’re a good looking guy. For a Jew.

Me: Thanks, man.

Drunk Guy: I don’t mean that in like an anti-Semitic way.

Me: Cool, man.

Finally, the compliment I’ve been waiting my entire life for.

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A woman experiencing what it’s like to stand in line at the Culver City DMV for the very first time.

The emergence of virtual reality and 360 degree video is incredibly exciting. For the first time in history, viewers can be transported to another time and place, fully immersed while sitting on their couches at home in their underwear covered in Cheeto dust.

A creative genius such as yourself is no doubt thinking, “Shit, I gotta get me some of that!”

Well, maybe you’re not thinking that…but your clients are.

And so you find yourself taking a deep-dive into this radical form of filmmaking, still in its infancy. All you really need is a bunch of GoPros strapped together and…

The new Seth Rogen movie Sausage Party is getting lots of attention lately for being one of the first successful adult-oriented animated films in recent history. While lots of animated movies are released every year and many of them go on to be hugely profitable, their success is generally credited in large part due to the fact that they are G- or PG-rated, an important distinction that allows them access to all four age quadrants of the movie going public in America as well as abroad.

R-rated movies, on the other hand, will often not gain access to theatrical slots…

How to Determine if You’re at a Reggae Bar in Southeast Asia.

6. You’re reasonably certain that not a single Black person has actually stepped foot in this place.

5. The only Asian customers are a small group of Chinese tourists who are super quiet because they accidentally ordered the “happy” pizza.

4. Even though the country you’re in has the death penalty for drugs, this place proudly advertises opium on its menu.

3. The dreadlocked Australian who you assumed ran the place actually just started working here three days ago after accidentally incinerating his passport at a firedancing retreat.

2. Aliens have invaded earth, forcibly relocated the entire human population to the Golden Triangle, embedded subliminal messages inside of Bob Marley albums as a form of mind control, and despite what you’ve been led to believe, every little thing is NOT going to be alright.

  1. They have Jenga!!!

Sam Winkler

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