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The candidate for MP in Darlington has recently begun blocking and deleting comments from anyone who posts on his Facebook page with anything that even vaguely criticises the Conservatives policies. He has banned a number of activists, members of the general public and even a journalist just for asking questions.

This comes after Peter Cuthbertson the Conservative candidate for MP has come under fire during the election campaign for comments he made around the age of 18–20, now 33 Cuthbertson then failed to attend the LGBTQI hustings in the town, the day after The Guardian released his comments:

He praised a “courageous priest jailed in Sweden for preaching against homosexuality” and wrote several blog posts about rape claims, including one arguing against proposals to make men prove they obtained consent before sex and restrictions on bringing up a woman’s sexual history in court. …

Every other main party was represented at the Darlington hustings including UKIP (not renowned for their progressive views) held at the Voodoo Cafe last night (31/05/17). In response to the Guardian piece. In which he is quoted offering praise for a ‘gay cure’ priest in Sweden. Cuthbertson claimed he “definitely does not have all the same views as my adolescent self” but surely if that were the case he’d have buckled down and gone to face the music? …

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A poster in the hallway of Daniel’s home proclaimed:

The Future isn’t like you’d imagine.

And from your perspective the statement is wholly accurate. It is 2168 the first of May. Daniel is an average citizen, he has just moved home.

The society of which he is a subject, prides itself on its productivity, its enhanced structures of bureaucracy, and above all in its economic social and ecological equilibrium. The words Liberté, égalité and fraternité, have passed from common usage.

Our protagonist called in sick to his work on this day, the hottest ever recorded in the Greater Suburbs of the City of London, near the ruin of York minster. …

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