Shopping is boring & I have ideas to make it better

Bro, shopping is so boring.

Shopping is so boring, it’s not interesting. I completely despise the shopping experience, I guess that’s why I just rotate my 10 turtlenecks all the time. Visit Stratford Westfield, so much space could be utilised better. I get it, because of E-commerce shopping malls aren’t that busy so why invest? If you provide things you can’t consume via the internet (albeit compelling) people will come. Al a: Thorpe Park, Disney Land.

When there’s a problem, I have an idea. Going to the shops should be an experience similarly like going to a theme park. shopping should be like you’re entering another world, people should want to stay at the shopping malls beyond watching a film or having dinner. The longer people stay = the more they spend. Let’s look at some of the malls around the world and their awesomeness:

Canada’s West Edmonton Mall

Look how awesome this is, it features: A water park, mini golf, submarines, ice skating.. imagine if this was in Westfield, you wouldn’t stay there.. forever?

Beautiful, right?

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Come off the boat and the shops are right there

Berjaya Times Square shopping mall

I would never leave

Mall of Emirates in Dubai

Ski resort in a Mall

The Dubai Mall may be the largest in the world at 13 million square feet, housing 1,200 shops, but the city’s Mall of the Emirates has the honour of being the home of the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

Aquatic center below the shops

Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota

Rollercoaster in the shopping called Nickelodeon Universe

Shopping malls are more than just shopping malls, they’re a hub of potential experiences. More than just cinemas, restaurants and a few bowling alleys. Wouldn’t you want your customers spending the whole day at these places, I would. Shopping is boring, let’s spice it up.

I can’t wait to be in a position so I can makes these thoughts happen.