thoughts @ 19:23

Talking to myself

What have you been doing today
I’m at Hoxton Hotel as usual. Nice vibes. Had a meeting with the team earlier about strategy and vision, very productive session. Realised how far we have come and how far we are going. First time I saw a Boosted Board, it’s an electric skateboard. I really want one, I’m not the biggest fan of busses anymore. I need the closest thing to a hoverboard.

What are you doing
I was writing about space technology affecting our everyday life but then I stopped, I’m going to continue it.. possibly upload tomorrow or tonight but as I was writing it my mind is elsewhere.

Where is your mind
Just looking around, observing people. I do this too much, just looking at how people work operate in this world. I’m looking at their style, energy.. why did they wear this jacket today. I get ideas by doing this stuff. This is how come up with marketing/design ideas, just by observing at how people using stuff rather than textbook information.

Do you enjoy doing that
Sometimes, right now no.

Why not
Because I’m on my own, I guess. It’s always more fun being around other peeps, so I’m like.. company would be cool. I’m just caught up in what i don’t have right now, ever get that rather what I do have. I do this alot.

I think you should change that mentality
I agree, but not until things change. Irrelevant but relevant but you know where you hear people say “I want a small circle”, I’m the complete opposite. I want as many friends as possible. I don’t even like the term “acquaintance”, for me it’s either we are cool or we are not. That’s why I probably expect too much from people I barely know.

Are you thinking about anything else
few things, I pretty annoyed that I got invited to the House of Commons for a black history month event and I just found out (I can’t access my Instagram inbox), this sucks super. Love environments like that, imagine the conversations, imagine the interior design.

Haven’t been there in about 5 years.

Another thing, Google released a phone (the pixel) and so Google are promoting it, holding events giving it away to people of “influence”. I get it, I get the marketing stuff but some of those people have no interested in tech, and I’m here like.. damn if only could get my hands on that. Just one of those, you know who you know and I’m not really anyone special in this world (just yet).

Anything else
Just thinking about the conversation with my bro I had here yesterday. I discovered not one girl has messaged me to hang out but more importantly; EQ and hustling. When people give me the time of their day, I really treasure that. People who are willing to help me with my issues, people who reach out.

Sometimes I complain that no one really gets at me. Think I realised, I don’t do that either. I should, I mean, If I care. Often, I won’t ask how someone is doing because I don’t want them to ask how I’m doing. Unless I’m doing great.

I called my friend the other day, she tweeted something that I thought I should check up on how she is doing. My approach was terrible, mainly because I think I’m trying to solve someone else’s problem when I can’t solve my own, basically unqualified. Sorry for that.

You usually think about your dreams and stuff, I would know I’m you
Not right now, I just hope I can climb this mount everest.

I can’t wait to be able to turn these thoughts into art. I like the ambiguity.

I hate full stops sometimes, just looks super dramatic for no reason

These are my thoughts at Hoxton Hotel.