Hey, I’m Samuel and I struggle with women.

I’m in my early 20’s, between 20–23 and I struggle with women a lot. I don’t really understand why but maybe this blog will allow me to do so lol! I’m a stage now where I’d like to think I have some good experience with women, not to the degree of my peers (I don’t have game like that) but some. However, It still seems like I’m doing something wrong because I’ve been taking too many L’s (Losses).

If you’ve got a degree in astrophysics, I’ll happily read up on physics just to understand you more. Like, when I saw this girl at the club (who I knew prior briefly) and we had awesome chemistry, like I was thinking to myself.. “Alas, finally you did it”, typed my number in her cellular and then I message her, next day and it’s completely unadulterated air. So I thought I’d message her again, knowing what she studies .. I did some quick studying on it, just so I can understand her more. Got ignored again.

Again I met this American girl at this other club in february we had great conversation, we danced she was telling me what she does and it aligned with what I wanted to do. So I was like, let’s go out to this art event sometime during the week and she was excited as was I.. week came.. she wasn’t replying to anything. I don’t understand, when I met her she was up for it.

Another American girl I met, similar circumstance but we connected when Work came on (😏), we went to another club after. At a later date we linked up, conversation as I got to know her more, where she is from. After that, our relationship went sour as she was hardly replying to any of my messages there after. However, when I saw her by coincidence she was acting the complete opposite which dumbfounded me. (I danced to Work with both women and now I can’t dance to it 😢)

But jokes aside man, I’ve been playing the game by the rules; being courteous, chivalrous, charming (James Bond level), caring, I have a beard, I’m ultra-ambitious, I’m 6'3 and apparently I’m handsome (according to my grandmother). Look, I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s unfortunate to know the girls that I’m attracted to, it’s never mutual. So lately, It’s felt as if I have to convince these girls that I’m worth their time. Which sucks! It feels like I’m on the receiving end of the bad karma created by how badly some men have treated women for centuries.

I’m the type of person that will travel 35 minutes for a 5-minute conversation, rather than talk via text. . My friends feel similarly, a lot of girls say they want X but really want Y. Y being the not so chivalrous guy, the guy that will mess you around a bit which perplexes me. Another thing that perplexes me when I message a girl repeatedly, they ignore it but still continue to watch my snapchat. I do not understand.

Having 2 sisters, (17) and the other (5) really changed how I engage with women. I ask myself “Would you like to see your sister’s date someone like you?” the answer is yes, otherwise I’d be a lot more reckless. I really treasure them and this thinking but it’s like I’m being forced to neglect this thought process.

As I end this, I ask you for answers, I’m very curious why I feel as if women don’t give me a chance at all.. maybe because I don’t have enough Instagram likes, maybe I’m not cool enough or maybe the women I talk to are just off, who knows!?

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