Creating My Own Hemingway App


Possible Solutions

  • Only rescan the paragraphs that change. Do this by counting the number of paragraphs and comparing that to the document before the change. Use this to find the paragraph that has changed or the new paragraph and only scan that one.
  • Have a button to scan the document. This massively reduces the calls of the scanning function.

Building the App

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”index.css”>
<title>Fake Hemingway</title>
<h1>Fake Hemingway</h1>
<textarea name=”” id=”text-area” rows=”10"></textarea>
<button onclick=”format()”>Test Me</button>
<div id=”output”>
<script src=”index.js”></script>
function format() {
let inputArea = document.getElementById(“text-area”);
let text = inputArea.value;
let outputArea = document.getElementById(“output”);
outputArea.innerHTML = text;
let paragraphs = text.split(“\n”);
let inParagraphs = => `<p>${paragraph}</p>`);
outputArea.innerHTML = inParagraphs.join(“ “);
(function start() {
let inputArea = document.getElementById(“text-area”);
let text = `The app highlights lengthy, …. compose something new.`;
inputArea.value = text;


let sentences = paragraph.split(‘. ’);
let words = sentence.split(“ “).length;
let letters = sentence.split(“ “).join(“”).length;
let level = Math.round(4.71 * (letters / words) + 0.5 * words / sentences — 21.43);
if (words < 14) {
return sentence;
} else if (level >= 10 && level < 14) {
return `<span class=”hardSentence”>${sentence}</span>`;
} else if (level >= 14) {
return `<span class=”veryHardSentence”>${sentence}</span>`;
} else {
return sentence;
  • There were no full stops. When I split the paragraphs into sentences, I had removed all of the full stops.
  • The numbers of letters in the sentence included the commas, dashes, colons and semi-colons.
let cleanSentence = sent.replace(/[^a-z0–9. ]/gi, “”) + “.”;
Hard sentence highlighting
if(word.match(/ly$/) &&, !lyWords[word] ){
return `<span class=”adverb”>${word}</span>`;
} else {
return word
Adverbs working
let qualifiers = getQualifyingWords();
let wordList = Object.keys(qualifiers);
wordList.forEach(key => {
let index = sentence.toLowerCase().indexOf(key);
if (index >= 0) {
sentence =
sentence.slice(0, index) +
‘<span class=”qualifier”>’ +
sentence.slice(index, index + key.length) +
“</span>” +
sentence.slice(index + key.length);
Getting complex phrases and qualifiers working
All the highlighting working

Then I hit a problem

// from getQualifier and getComplex
let index = sentence.toLowerCase().indexOf(key);
// from getPassive
let index = words.indexOf(match);
Code with bugs in
function findAndSpan(sentence, string, type) {
let index = sentence.toLowerCase().indexOf(key);
if (index >= 0) {
sentence =
sentence.slice(0, index) +
`<span class="${type}">` +
sentence.slice(index, index + key.length) +
"</span>" +
sentence.slice(index + key.length),
return sentence;

Statistics Counter

data.sentences += sentence.length
data.adverbs += 1
<div id=”adverb” class=”adverb counter”></div>
<div id=”passive” class=”passive counter”></div>
<div id=”complex” class=”complex counter”></div>
<div id=”hardSentence” class=”hardSentence counter”></div>
<div id=”veryHardSentence” class=”veryHardSentence counter”></div>
The completed app

I'm a software developer currently building Chat Bots for E-Commerce companies. Outside of coding I love to go Rock Climbing and Traveling.

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Sam Williams

Sam Williams

I'm a software developer currently building Chat Bots for E-Commerce companies. Outside of coding I love to go Rock Climbing and Traveling.

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