I Spent Ten Nights in the Hospital
Jeffrey Baird

SSRI’s are incredibly dangerous drugs. more needs to be done to publicise this. I speak from experience. Further I view the whole thing that happened to you as medical abuse. Instead of listening to you, supporting you they drug you. When the drug has a bad effect they lock you up and give you electric shocks. Its so wrong. And yet so many people fail to see this as abuse and just accept it. That is crazy.

What has happened to compassion? Human rights? Common sense?

Google SSRI danger. Also look up the work and life of Dr David Healy.

The negative effects of SSRI’s (and Paxil is one of the worst for it from all accounts) is leaking out but has been actively suppressed by big pharma for decades. Lawsuits are settled out of court with gagging orders all the time.

If I were you I would be thinking about suing my medical insurance company and the makers of the drug.