Feminists lauding Hilary Clinton, you couldn’t make it up.
Dave Scott

What a brave man exploiting the awful treatment of women halfway across the world to denigrate one at home. What a nobel stand and certainly not loaded with misogyny, hypocrisy, and whataboutism. Then of course he couldn’t forget all of the half-truths (she was ordered by a judge to do her fucking job in defending that rapist), flat out lies (Bill Clinton had consensual sex with an adult, the fact that you can’t tell the difference between that and rape is a fucking problem) and whatever other manipulations of the her past you manbabies drone on about to really drive home his obvious concern for women’s issues and not at thinly veiled attempt to tear one down for not being feminist enough for his lofty standards (and by standards, I mean the one in which women must never step out of line or be imperfect.) I mean, forget about all of the stands she has taken, unlike the leftist men who see fit to attack any woman who doesn’t toe the line for their chosen messiah (male, of course). Forget about the open misogyny on the right and attacks on women directly or the lefitst brand of male misogyny that was rampant throughout the Sanders campaign. That’s just boys being boys, right? There are bigger fish to fry, like getting that goddamn woman off the podium, right? Take a fucking seat, Lost Boy.

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