Florence and The Machine at Austin

We all have a favourite band in our bucket list of “Must see them live”. In 2016 that band for me was Florence and The Machine, so when I heard they will be touring to promote their new album “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” I knew it was my chance to finally see Florence in all her awesomeness live on stage. The thing is I live in Torreón, a city to the north of Mexico and my country was not listed for the tour, the closer would be Texas, around 10 hours driving from my city to Austin, so I began to plan our journey to the city of music.

From Torreon to Austin

My SO joined me in this adventure and since it was our first time visiting the States for a concert, we decided to take a bus from Torreón directly to Austin. Our plan was to travel a day before the event during the night and by midday of the next day we will be in our destiny, but due to the rainy weather and permits procedures in the border it turned into a 16 hours odyssey. We made it to Austin around 4 pm, right on time, just 3 hours before the concert.

The venue of the concert was the Austin 360 Amphitheater at the Circuit of the Americas. It is located to the South of Austin. We rented a car to get there because no Metro or bus station is near.

Once at the Circuit of the Americas, a shuttle at the entrance takes you to the 360 Amphitheater lobby. We picked up our tickets and after a short wait in the line, we finally had access to the Pit of the amphitheater. I was worried because my height (1.56 meters) but to my surprise, the architecture of the place allow you to have a perfect view regarding your seat or location.

Amphitheater seats and sky. Great view and sound regarding your spot.

The show began with Grimes, opening with her dancers moving to the rhythm of her beats and synthesizers. I had listened to some of her songs and found her videos weird in a Vice-esque style, but her opening was an excellent warm up since we all keep jumping and dancing during her performance.

Grimes (center) and her mesmerizing dancers.

Around 8:30 pm with a full house venue, Florence Welch, my queen, entered to the stage with a bouquet of flowers, handing them to us, the fans who were at the front row. I was lucky enough to receive a small flower. She was barefoot and began to sing “What the water gave me”, running on the stage with her yellow dress flowing with her maneuvers.

My queen on stage

I read before that Florence’s shows were dynamic and energizing and experienced it when she encouraged us to get in other people’s shoulders and sing to “Raise it up”, we loose inhibitions and hug each other and we shed a garment to swing it and loose ourselves to the music while she moved freely in the stage expressing powerful emotion.

One of my favourite parts was the brass section of her band when performing “How big how blue how beautiful” crescendo. For me, Love, the feeling, is expressed is that crescendo. Thank you Florence for that.

Another element present in this record is water and its many forms. The metaphor of the storm, the sea, the rain as a struggle. We thought it would rain to complete the experience, but it didn’t’, we enjoyed a beautiful sky and Florence’s art. It was indeed cathartic at the end while jumping to “Dog days are over”, happiness hitting us like a train on a track.

To close that incredible night we were back to our accommodation in East Austin, where we had tacos for dinner.

We stayed at the city for a couple of days and we had the opportunity to walk downtown. Visit an Ikea store. Bat seeing in a bridge. And ate ramen at a beautiful place.

The trip was just an awesome experience. Keep Austin weird!